31st January 2017


Le Mondial du Bâtiment is one of the leading international events for the building and construction sector, and will take place at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center from 6 to 10 November 2017. Every two years, INTERCLIMA+ELECHB, IDÉOBAIN and BATIMAT showcase the construction materials and solutions for the buildings of today and tomorrow.
In an industry with a positive outlook but which is undergoing profound changes, the 2017 edition of Le Mondial du Bâtiment seeks to help professionals capitalise on the recovering market by helping them understand the new issues facing the construction sector and presenting the solutions.

Positive outlook for a profoundly altered industry in France

After a better 2016 than predicted, the building sector’s growth in France will continue in 2017, with a forecasted 3.4% rise in volume. Construction seems to have entered a new phase of a positive business cycle, particularly supported by a booming new-build market (+7%) for both residential and commercial properties.

Industrial stakeholders are driven by constantly changing regulations associated with the French “Energy Transition” plan and did not wait for market recovery to push forward innovation resulting in major changes across all construction phases.

From digital modelling (BIM) to technological breakthroughs in materials, construction is now a multi-faceted sector (with Energy-Plus and Low-Carbon housing, etc.) that adapts to its time (IoT, Smart Grid, etc.) to offer solutions to users, who are increasingly looking for sustainable solutions to improve their lifestyle and living standards.  

3 exhibitions to capitalise on the recovering market

  • The 2017 Le Mondial du Bâtiment aims to help decision-makers, buyers and installers/fitters to capitalise on the recovering market. INTERCLIMA+ELECHB, IDÉOBAIN and BATIMAT will present numerous innovations around 4 major focuses to meet the expectations of the different visitor profiles: 
  1. Understanding fundamental changes to the sector
  • New hall organisation with 6 specific, interconnected trades within a single venue to better discover the broader range of products and solutions.
  • Specialised information before, during and after the exhibitions to understand future trends. A blog and monthly e-newsletters for each exhibition will explain trends and changes in the construction sector, focusing on 5 themes: Comfort and Energy in the Tertiary Sector; Living Bathrooms and Interiors; Sustainable Construction; Building of the Future; “Regard sur l’architecture” (Architectural Perspectives).
  1. Finding solutions to the new uses and expectations of residents
  • “Des Hubs des Solutions” will be located in the hall entrances with experts to present assembled solutions that meet the expectations of designers, builders, operators and users.
  • Keynote speeches will be organised in major thematic sessions to inform visitors about key issues affecting the industry. Project owners and contractors will be invited to speak and share important testimonials.
  • Technical workshops will explain new regulations and discuss real solutions (Les Matinales de la rénovation).
  1. Adopting innovations and technologies
  • “Live” innovations areas with demonstrators will present winning products from the Innovation Awards, revealed during a ceremony on September 18, 2017.
  • Guided tours will inform visitors about specific topics via a selection of solutions presented by the brands’ technical managers.
  • Suggested visitor itineraries will be created to get straight to the point of specific topics.
  1. Doing business across France and beyond
  • 2017 will see France and its regions in the limelight:
  • Significant investments will encourage more French visitors to attend, whether fitters, distributors or buyers (special events, free buses, clubs and premium services, etc.);
  • The Influencers Club will bring together 1,500 top managers of major buyers and project owners;
  • The Buyers Club will make it easier for merchants and distributors to attend and visit the exhibitions.
  • As special guests, the francophone countries will offer the opportunity to meet policymakers from 84 states and governments (business meetings with all the project owners from French-speaking countries, conference sessions, etc.).
  • The International Business Club will offer meetings and business opportunities for all professionals seeking to optimise export business relations.

According to Guillaume LOIZEAUD, Director of Le Mondial du Bâtiment: “In 2017, INTERCLIMA+ELECHB, IDÉOBAIN and BATIMAT will once again bring together the world’s most comprehensive range of building sector’s solutions, innovations, demonstrations and seminars. They are a unique opportunity for professionals to come together in a business-friendly atmosphere in order to respond to the new challenges facing the construction sector. I would like to thank everyone in the sector who is supporting us in making the 2017 Le Mondial du Bâtiment a true celebration of the sector’s rebirth.”