9th March 2017

 strategic solutions for a recovering market

On 7-10 November, in less than 10 months’ time, INTERCLIMA+ELECHB 2017 will open its doors to an industry that has a very promising outlook, despite undergoing major regulatory and technical changes.

Together with Gimelec, we have set ourselves the challenge of making this session of INTERCLIMA+ELECHB  a key opportunity for all industry players to understand new issues in construction and capitalise on the recovering market”, says François Frisquet, CEO of Frisquet SA and chairman of the Uniclima union.

This strategy includes unprecedented efforts to ensure the exhibition responds to the specific expectations of its different visitors, whether they are project owners, specifiers or fitters.

Focus on the tertiary sector

Positioned to encompass all aspects of building, this year INTERCLIMA+ELECHB will focus on the high value-added tertiary sector. This special focus on tertiary sector buildings is welcomed by numerous market players, such as Siemens Building Technologies, a major player returning to the 2017 session.
By highlighting the specific uses and requirements of tertiary sector buildings, the next session of INTERCLIMA+ELECHB is totally delivering on our expectations. This will give us an ideal platform to showcase the products, solutions and services of our building comfort and automation technologies to the different profiles of visitors expected”, says Nawfal Slimati, head of marketing at Siemens Building Technologies.

There will be several innovative initiatives specially focused on the tertiary sector:

• An “Energy and Comfort in the Tertiary Sector” Hub des Solutions:
Located at the exhibition entrance, this space will present solutions to current issues facing specifiers. Each will feature a range of product solutions, presented throughout the exhibition by an industry expert.
France Air, a specialist in air treatment systems, will be one of the companies participating in the “Hub des Solutions”. “This will offer an excellent opportunity to address specific issues facing designers, manufacturers, operators and users, and an innovative way to promote and demonstrate an original solution, explained by experts. France Air will present its domestic hot water solution produced solely from renewable energies (reuse of extracted air, grey water and solar energy), to meet the requirements of energy-plus construction,” says Bénédicte Margrita, head of communication at France Air.

• Specialist information on the Comfort and Energy in the Tertiary Sector theme will be posted on the Mondial du Bâtiment blog.
Designed to explain profound changes in the sector and future trends, these posts will provide monthly insights on themes that will be covered at INTERCLIMA+ELECHB through talks, guided tours and trails.
Topics will include: heating and air conditioning for renovation projects; smart objects in the tertiary sector; BIM for technical packages, the energy-plus and low carbon (E+C) label; refrigerants and the new NF EN-378 standard, etc.
This information, published in a monthly e-newsletter sent to the community of construction specifiers, and posted on INTERCLIMA+ELECHB exhibition’s social networks, is part of a strategy aimed at engaging the community of exhibitors and visitors ahead of INTERCLIMA+ELECHB.

Large numbers of French visitors expected

For a simpler and more efficient visitor experience, major investment has already been made to encourage large numbers of French fitters, distributors, specifiers and end-users to attend.
There will be two special events at INTERCLIMA+ELECHB, both lasting until 8:00 pm:

Wednesday 8 November: a special project owner, consultancy, engineering, economic consultant and maintenance event, targeting the top 50 engineering firms and service and operating companies. Over 8,500 specifiers are expected, including 4,700 specialist and generalist consultancies, 1,300 technical auditing firms and nearly 500 architectural firms. Project owners will come from the property development sector (46%), and from the tertiary sector (54%).

Thursday 9 November: special fitters event. Free buses will be provided from major cities across France. Over 32,000 fitters expected from technical finishing work firms (71%) and maintenance and operation firms (24%).

As well as promoting France and its regions, French-speaking countries will be in the limelight with initiatives focused on policymakers from 84 states and governments representing a potential growth driver.