10 th July 2017

Innovation Awards of the Mondial du Bâtiment: an excellent selection for 2017

Once again, le Mondial du Bâtiment and its 3 exhibitions INTERCLIMA+ELECHB, IDÉOBAIN and BATIMAT have proven their capacity for launching innovations in the construction sector and promoting them for quicker industry roll-out.

The 2017 Innovation Awards is a reflection of the entire sector’s drive for innovation and stand-out products and services, with 217 entrants this year compared to 210 in 2015. Participation from BATIMAT is especially outstanding with 32 more entrants than in 2015.

The Mondial du Bâtiment Innovation Awards and ceremony are organised in partnership with ADEME and reveal market trends and support the launch of new products and services.

The 2017 Innovation Awards use several panels of judges comprising around one hundred independent French and international experts from institutions, certification bodies, contractors, project owners, businesses, distributors and specialist press publications. These expert panels meet for deliberation between 5 and 13 July.

The judges consider the technical performances, design, functionalities and user benefits of the solutions proposed to select nominees across 9 categories. The results will be published on or around 19 July.

Categories of the Innovation Awards 2017:
o Structure & Envelope
o Joinery  & Fenestration
o Indoor fittings
o Outdoor fittings
o Worksite equipment & Tool
o Digital, BIM & New technology
o Renewable energies system
o Bathroom product

Three awards will be awarded in each category (Gold, Silver, Bronze) by the Executive Judges’ Panel, which will meet on 6 September.  Special acknowledgements may also be given.

The results will be revealed at the Le Mondial du Bâtiment Awards Ceremony at Le Trianon (Paris, France) on 18 September 2017. The ceremony will bring together entrants, industry representatives, the media and the judges.

Promoting innovation at Le Mondial du Bâtiment:

Preview on 18 September
Before the winners are revealed live during the Awards Ceremony, Le Trianon will host a special event on the afternoon of 18 September, where all nominees can meet with journalists and present their innovations in detail.

Innovation Areas at the trade shows
Visitors to Le Mondial du Bâtiment will be able to discover, handle and appreciate the winning products from the 2017 Innovation Awards.
Three new Innovation Areas will be located at the heart of INTERCLIMA+ELECHB, IDÉOBAIN and BATIMAT where there will be daily demonstrations of the innovations exhibited in order to promote their performance and boost their distribution and use.

Innovation itinerary at the exhibitions
This offers a practical way for visitors to tour the exhibitions and will feature all stands from companies which entered the Innovation Awards.

The list of Innovation Awards entrants is appended to this document.